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Website Development

More and more, organizations are realizing the far-reaching impact of the Web and utilizing it to their advantage. Websites serve a variety of purposes - from informing stakeholders about the organization to providing visitors of the site with information and resources they can use. Regardless of the goal, LCA works with clients to develop websites that accurately depict the purpose of their organization yet appear both professional and eye-catching.

One of LCA’s clients is an entrepreneur who established her business more than seven years ago and was interested in a website to better promote it. She decided to use LCA to develop her website and is extremely pleased with the end result. “The experience was really positive. The customer service was good — when I had questions, they responded in a timely manner. I had been planning my website for years, and I am finally able to give my business a Web presence,” she said.

The client particularly appreciated the tutorial that provided her with the training necessary to continue to update the copy on her site. “I thought the screen sharing was a great idea. I am able to update my own site — everything is all set up so that I can edit the text and images on my site,” she explained. “It was a great experience.”

One of LCA’s clients worked with LCA to develop a website to promote his products. Not only does the website include information about his products, but it links to other helpful and informational resources that others can enjoy and use, including tips from the client himself.

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