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Letters to the Editor

Diversity is an important topic that needs to be addressed in our culture; however, some individuals and organizations shy away from talking about it. Fortunately, other institutions embrace diversity as a core value of their organization, which is the case for one of LCA’s clients. In recognition of this core value, the client sought to write a letter to the editor to be submitted to local newspapers in celebration of Diversity Week.

The client sought the assistance of LCA to produce the piece. Together, LCA and the client drafted a powerful letter that provided examples of the different types of people who have positively impacted the client. The examples caught the attention of the readers and drove home the message that the client values and embraces diversity. The article also made people stop and think about their own circle of acquaintances and friends and how different types of people have touched their lives.

Based on the article, the client received accolades and praise for addressing a subject that some people will not discuss. Readers also enjoyed learning more about the client. LCA was instrumental in helping the client formulate thoughts and present ideas in a clear manner.

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