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Executive Services

Retention of high-quality employees is a critical component to an organization’s success. Linnie Carter & Associates LLC (LCA) helps organizations select competent, qualified and dedicated employees by assisting with the recruitment process. The process employed by LCA helps to ensure that the selected employee is high-performance and a good fit for the organization.

Recently, when a national organization experienced the resignation of an executive, it turned to LCA to coordinate the recruitment and selection of a new leader. LCA worked closely with the organization throughout the process and expertly handled responsibilities that ranged from placing ads for the position to scheduling interviews with candidates. Today, as a result of LCA’s efforts, the organization has filled the position with a highly qualified leader who is poised to transform the organization from good to great.

LCA assists clients with writing and editing cover letters and résumés that result in interviews. A client used the cover letter and résumé that LCA revamped to secure an executive-level position at an organization.

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