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Virtual Academic Assistance

LCA understands the changing educational landscape.  Increasingly, academic professionals are expected to do more than ever before with fewer resources. LCA provides much-needed assistance to instructors at public and private colleges and universities who are in need of accurate, quick and efficient virtual academic assistants. This service enables our clients to focus on high-value, student-focused activities rather than time-intensive administrative tasks. LCA has extensive practical experience in the field of postsecondary and graduate education.  LCA truly understands the challenges that face today’s educators and recognizes their specific needs. Most important, LCA appreciates and respects the importance of confidentiality and discretion and never discloses information about clients who use the virtual academic assistance services.

LCA’s virtual academic assistance services include:

  • Syllabi development

  • Learning collateral development

    • PowerPoint presentation development

    • Content creation and activities based on solid learning objectives

  • Online portfolio production for instructors seeking tenure, promotion and/or personal branding 

  • Integration of technology to automate manual, time-intensive tasks (an online meeting scheduling form, for example)

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